Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Samsui Chicken on a rainy evening

I never knew there is a 三盅两件 Soup Restaurant along Seah Street. It's right at the far end...near to Beach Road. It's not a big place, at most 15 tables. Then not knowing of a branch there is also becoz me ain't such a big fan of this restaurant :P Yes, I have been to 三盅两件,可那是好几年前的事了。

昨晚便和几个好友上了这馆子用餐。说到这 三盅两件,就一定联想到他们的招牌菜---三水鸡。这是非吃不可的。鸡肉和中间的那姜泥一定要包在生菜里一起吃。。爽口非常!实在是回味无穷.

The chicken is soft..boneless. The way to eat it is to place is on a piece of lettuce ..couple with cucumbers and top it up with some of the ginger puree , wrap or fold the lettuce and you are ready to send it right into your mouth~hmm..very crunchy! It is no doubt their famous dish! I like the ginger puree :P


可能是酱汁不和我的口味吧 : P

We did order a few other dishes, but I was too busy concentrating on my food..thus no more food pics


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