Monday, July 23, 2007

Of Happy Endings and Peculiar Chris

The year was 1992.. I was still a fresh face teen (with pimple problems) in school. It was about that time when I bought "Peculiar Chris" . I got to know about the book through a close buddy in school.. he being somewhat "peculiar" as well back then . I would say that the book was a break through back in those days. It was the first local gay novel you know :P I got suck into Chris' world from page one...

15 years later, "PC" has made its transition from print to stage. However, it is not all rosy for the playwright , Alfian Sa'at..who got into some issues with his contract teaching recently. With that said, a good majority of Singaporeans still have problems coming to terms with homosexuals in general. They are as human as we heterosexuals are.

I watched the play last night with the usual suspects ( Ed, Alicia, Jac etc) at the Drama Center.
The main character Chris (played by Ben Xiao) came into life . Timothy Nga was in the play too..*oh yes, I think he's hot * Another cute one would be Pierre Goh..the one who portrayed the role of young Kenneth. Well, as with most print to stage plays, there will be some kind of adaptation.. so some parts of the book has been left out of the play and new storyline have been added on as well.

Overall it was quite enjoyable.. many funny and though inducing moments.

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miya @ tokyo said...

I watched yesterday also.

That's a good show to me~ :)