Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lunch @ Bosses

Had the chance to meet Karen for lunch...and we went back to Vivo ..yet again :P
I have been hearing good comments about Bosses and kinda "die die'' also must try lor.

I was impressed with the decor...there were different dining area and the black interior is very unlike of a chinese food establishment.

We were shown to a table pretty near the restrooms (doesn't really matter) We were offered a nice view of the sea, however, it was rather glaring as the rest. has full length windows.

The tables at bosses reminds me of a mahjong table. Perhaps it's becoz of the little drawer at the left hand corner, where the menus are kept. Rather innovative :)

One thing to note-- they do not serve FOC water. Drinks aren't exactly cheap the best alternative is to order tea~! They have a variety of chinese teas to choose from. Karen n I ordered a pot to share. It costs about $4++ and they do refill the hot water :)

Some Most chinese restaurants serves peanuts as appetisers , but at Bosses, they serve carrots, cucumbers and some fried popiah skin sticks! * NOT FOC too...$3.80++* The waitress placed it on your table the minute you are seated..perhaps one can refuse it on their repeated visits :P

It would be best to go in a group so as to able to share the dishes .. Anyway, I chose the beef la mian and Karen ordered the duck slices la mian ( not in pic.. plain soup la mian with duck slices on the side)

What you can see here is their popular dimsum dish!! Signature custard buns. It is a must try if you have a sweet tooth like me. (slightly salty due to the salted egg) . Be prepared to get messy with this one... the liquid center just catches everyone off guard :P

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