Thursday, July 05, 2007

I hate to think of titles..lalala..another freebie~!

There are definitely benefits when it comes to joining a online community that is backed by a local media corporation :)

Yes. I am referring to Stomp. Joined another contest last week and I won again! It's just so simple. This time round is a pair of Reef sandals :) pretty cool.... good for the beach and the pool...

Oh, know why the sandals is called 'stash'? It actually has this special compartment where u can "hide" stuff like money or keys! Is that cute or what! hahaah.. And No, I am not gonna be putting my money there lah.. :P Gonna collect it from Hereen tomorrow

Would be nice if I can have a choice of colors.. white and grey seems nice :)


July is Pamper Eileen month! :P

Pampered my nails today with a french manicure :]

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