Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Girl who Leapt Through Time <<時をかける少女>>

I am glad I caught this delightful and heartwarming japanese animation :) It tells the story of how Makoto, a tomboyish and cheerful17 yr old girl whom by accident managed to go back in time. ( the action is referred to as a "time leap") She uses her special time leap powers to sing endless hours of karaoke, as well as eating her fav. food.

There were many hilarious moments and like most award winning jap. animation, this one is quite touching too. For that 100++ mins, I was transported back to those memorable and awkward teenage years... hehee. The songs played an impt part as well for making this anime a success. The songs are very nice and I found myself humming to it when the credits were rolling :)

Here's one of the songs from youtube :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4YEAAaES7s&mode=related&search=

my ratings-- out of 5



On a totally different note, come Saturday, it would be my 6th time being a 姐妹 or some referred to as 阿姨 . An ex colleague is getting married this Sat...and one of her girls back out..so I was 'requested' to 重出江湖 to help her. To think that there 's a saying that goes something like one cannot be a jie mei more than 3 times! Die liao lah.. when is my turn so that my friends can be my 阿姨?? *weak smile* Her big day is split into two! Saturday is the traditional customary ceremony, speaking of which, I better start thinking of 'door' games to 'test' the bridegroom! And the 'obligatory' dinner will be a sunday luncheon instead ..whereby I'll have to be part of the recept. as well :P

一场同事。。就帮人帮到底吧! 累是累了些。。可是还挺好玩的 : ) remember to check back here for my update on the wedding :)

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