Friday, May 04, 2007

The one who trimmed her own eye brows..

Random Entry of the week...

The exhibit has been there for a couple of weeks, and I only managed to take the effort and make my way to the museum for it today . Yeah, the Leslie Kee's Superstar photo exhibit. The book itself isn't sold here *banned* You probably know why by now if you have read the ST Life article not long ago.

The photos were well taken, sharp.. and sensuous for some.. but nothing too provocative. Oh, I remembered there was this man (some well known figure of coz, though I dunno who he is) , perhaps in his fifties ; he was photographed in the buff..with legs and arms positioned in a way that kept his jewels hidden :) 何润东's photo was also one of my fav.. ooh, not forgetting 余文樂's too **blushed** Ah, today's the last day, in case you're thinking of going down..

I took a stroll down to the bus stop near SMU , waited for the bus to bring me down to Suntec .. meeting Karen for lunchie. It was nice as usual , able to catch up with Karen. We ate at Marina Sq ..specifically the Center stage area . It's my first time there actually :P

There were quite a few cafes and restaurants to choose from. I have heard some good reviews on the food at MOF, so we decided to munch there. They serve mainly Japanese fare..and seems famous for it's desserts and soft ice cream :)

Should be meeting Karen again next week..and I hope to meet her 3 darlings!! Has been awhile since I last saw the kids :)

Vain...self taken pic before going out ;P
How's the eyebrow..i trimmed it myself

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