Thursday, May 10, 2007

Living life in lies..

Ever told a white lie...or simply... lies? I wouldn't deny that I prob. tell at least one lie a day. Lies have become such a "necessity" :P

To avoid conflicts, we lie
To avoid hurting someone's feelings, we lie
To avoid admitting to the mistake, we lie
To avoid facing the truth.. we lie
To maintain harmony , we lie
To get into the good books of the person, we lie.

I am no saint..and have lied many a times to save my skin. Still, there are times when it's better to not to lie as it will only led to the person being lied to having a false hope or perceived idea of the real situation. Lying will not make things better.. in fact , it may just make it worst..

A lot of times we also delude ourselves .. we jolly well know that what the other party said was a lie, yet it sounded melodious to our ears and we love it . Should we all stop lying and point out every lie our friends tell us and friends like wise do the same to us? Nah! lies make the world a better place to live in!! (I'm just lying)

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Julian said...

just a thought..but instead of lying...could we not choose to keep silent?