Sunday, May 13, 2007

The one in the pink tube

Saturday 12th May

I usually wake up to an empty house on Saturdays n Sundays. It is actually quite nice for a change. In fact, I do look forward to having the whole place to myself during the weekends. It's a bliss just lounging around , sipping my favorite tea, with the radio playing in the background.. without the rest at home :P

Had a rather impromptu meeting with the girls in the afternoon. I had some time before I get ready for Mus' birthday get together. So Jandy and I ended up in Lynn's car, making our way to her Punggol place. We did nothing but lazed on the sofa, watching tv :) Jan and I kept dear Lynn on her toes, she whipped up some afternoon snack for us to munch on :P *thanks dear*


Soon, it was time for me to scoot off . Rushed back home to bath and change into something pink for Mus' pink themed get together. I really dun have that many pink colored clothing!! Took me quite a while before I settled for a pink tube -_-'' Believe me, it's my first time wearing a tube out! Faint

Despite me having ample time , I still arrived at the 'party' slightly later than I was suppose to be. Blame it on my dilly dally nature muahahhah . Here are some pink photos :)

Pink colored rice!! (lousy photo taken with my hp)

*love this shot :) Pretty in pink ?? :P *

here's one with the birthday boy before I leave

I couldn't stay longer than usual coz gotta rush down to GV vivo for a movie at 9.30pm.
Golden Village is having the European Union Film Festival at the moment and each movie has only one screening time. Anyway, met up with Edwin and the girls to watch a Dutch film.. "Simon" . It won a few awards at the Netherlands film awards. A down to earth, charming production about the friendship of a straight guy , Simon , and Camiel , a gay. It was rated R for the themes -- gay marriage, nudity, sex scenes and euthanasia. And with that, it was the end of my saturday :)

one of the actors--Marcel Hensems
*love his eyes*

Ps : finally had some spicy food last nite! after such a long time.. 2 weeks! hehe.. It's really tough not to touch any spicy food.. actually throat still feels a little scratchy..and the cough insist on staying for a longer time but still, I feel much better :)


Julian said...

Wah! So sexy ah!....hee hee

Eileen. 静 said...

*blush* :P

Anonymous said...

hello sexaye...
u do take alot of photos even though ur photogynic

Eileen. 静 said...

oh yes.. i know i am photogenic

by the way..pls learn how to spell properly!! Hahhahahaha..

Anonymous said...

yea i will...thxs for showing the right spelling, by the way plz check wats the meaning for PHOTOGENIC ;)