Saturday, March 24, 2007

So berry cute

And so I finally watched the talked about movie-- Music and Lyrics , staring one of my fav. actress, Drew Berrymore and Hugh Grant.

Go watch it for

Drew Berrymore

the catchy tunes
*the defunct "Pop" group*

the crazy zen worshipping singer Cora
(portrayed by singer, Haley Bennett)
Quite pretty, mixed parentage

Somehow I don't quite sense any on screen chemistry between Drew and Hugh Grant. Hugh seemed considerably older in this movie. Can't deny the fact that he has aged :P The crows line are so obvious (but he still has his charms )

Ooh, I have most of the songs in my ipod already!

Gotta run for now... will update about my group's performance later !

*huggies and kisses*


Julian said...

I'm a sucker for romance flicks, so apart from the on screen chemistry I take it the show is still a must watch no?

Eileen. 静 said...

yes yes :) do catch it if u can..or maybe get the dvd :]