Saturday, March 24, 2007

SEA night 2007

It was packed to the door, not a single seat left empty and some even had to sit on the steps ! Yes, it was full house at the SEA music and dance night, organised by Southeast Asian Studies Program NUS. Three different ensembles performed- SingaNglaras Gamelan Ensemble (the one I am in), Degung Singalagena and the NUS Thai Music Ensemble. The Thai ambassador attended the performance too :)

I would say it was a successful performance for all three groups, as the audience were kept captivated in their seats. I thought some of them may leave during the intermission, but no, it was just as packed even after the break :)

I have not been able to get any pictures of my group when we were performing on stage. Only managed to take a few pictures from the backstage. We were dressed in black this time..

We started at 7.15pm, playing a long piece while the audience started to stream in. We ended about 9.45pm and we were told before hand that we had to clear the room by 10pm, yes, get all the instruments out by 10pm!! Can you imagine the frenzy.. most of the instruments were quite heavy, especially my group's as they were mostly metal :P Everyone stayed behind to help move them back to our music room.


My group, during the rehearsal *thursday*
taken by fellow musician from Thai group

The dancers,
(left) Nunuk , (right) Wefi Sofianah
I took them backstage :)

Very packed LT 13 :)

Degung group and dance

Helena and the prop horse :)

After the moving of instruments! tired...
*i wore a black cardi on stage earlier..*

Oh well.. that's it for now..


Julian said...

Congrats Eileen! On what looks like a fantastic evening.

Eileen. 静 said...

Thanks Julian! It's always fun to perform:)