Sunday, March 18, 2007

of Gardens and soups....

**Morning at the gardens**

The cool breeze, the fresh air, vast green field... chirping of the crickets and birds, families picnicking on the garden grounds.. awww... i love it! It has been a long time since I last visited the botanic gardens with my aunts and grandma. We used to do that pretty often when I was young. Oh..yahahha... I was there on a first date with an ex bf :P We went photo taking there.. many many eons ago -_-"

Anyway , we didn't walk much this time as grandma gets tire after awhile, but she likes it there and lots of dogs to look at :)

Aunts and Grandma

We sat down for breakfast at Cafe les amis (yeah, i wish it was les amis instead hahaah :X)

Grandma enjoying her porridge

my not very cheap breakfast

The swans are long gone, what inhabit the pond now are
carps, tortoises, turtles and fishes

Oh, Mandarin ducks ..they were suppose to be in pairs... symbolizes love

i love this picture :)

Can u see the kois ? Once prized pets...
now but just swimming in the open..
oh well, rest assured they are well fed.
Families love feeding the tortoises and fish with bread!

My dearest cousin Weijie got enlisted last Wednesday. Wasn't able to go along to Tekong with him that day, only his parents followed . Guess what, he got send home on Saturday afternoon due to a fever. The poor boy went in with a cold. Thank goodness he was able to rest at home over the weekend. :)


**Saturday dinner**

When it comes to yummy food, Singaporeans wouldn't really mind if a murder case just took place at the premises. I am referring to Soup Spoon. The nice chap supervisor got stabbed by his China national cook over some work issues two weeks ago. We were there last night and the place was packed. What more can i say, the soups taste good, keeps the stomach filled, and is considered cheap for a nice healthy meal.

It's fun meeting the guys again. Alicia was there too.. she's really matured for a 19 yr old :x Are all Alicias alike? hahaha.. considering the two Alicias I know are more matured than their counterparts. It was Randy's birthday on Friday, kinda silly i know of me to get him just a toy chipmunk hahah :P but I think he's the kind of guy that would like such cutie toys hehehe ..

Darn..i didn't camwhore this time round guai
With the variety of soups available, the 5 of us somehow only ordered two kinds! Mushroom and beef goulash haha :P hahah... the guys camwhore though!! Look at Joe enjoying his beef goulash!
Randy posing happily with Chip, wait..or is that Dale? hahaha

Joe and Alicia had to go off earlier for another makan session. So Winz, me and Randy went off for drinks at TCC over at citylink.. Kinda called it a night around 10 ish pm as the sleeping bug was all over me!! oh yeah, Ryan kinda startled us over at Raffles City. He came over with KC and Kelvin ( i think ..coz i dun know him ) to say hi.. He was all smiles and cheery!! Hope he can keep up the good work..

More of that later... i am out...

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Julian said...

It's always great to see friends having a good time together..woo hoo!