Sunday, March 11, 2007

An Evening at Sun Dining (Chijmes)

It was an evening of beef munching. I was accompanied by my mahjong and foodie pals at Chijmes Sun Dining . They are having a 30 % discount on all food items :) This is the classier sister of Sun and Moon over at Wheelock Place.

Most of the dishes we ordered were beef based, yeah quite a meaty dinner *shake head* but you bet it was worth every single cent haha. The service was impeccable and the young lady who served us was really cheery and friendly :) (too bad the dashing young manager wasn't there this evening )

Here are the main stars of the evening-- the food!!

Tofu wrapped in sliced beef ..topped up with sweet sauce
totally droolicous!!

Beef and eggplant (bringal for some )

Look at the fat on the beef!
this was meant to be cooked in the sukiyaki(sweet base soup)

something light--
japanese fishcake with radish soup

Teppanyaki lamp chop

Salmon belly!! Full of omega 3 oil!
oh..note the side dish of pickles
Yes..the carrots are ginseng-ed!
Quite "unique" tasting haha

I love the wallpaper
Yes, the walls are all covered in Japanese paper..
decorated in brush strokes

Here's me and Jaclyn

oh well, not all the photos are taken with my cam..hence can't post the group shots! :/
will post it once I get them from Alicia :) Oh yeah, the 30 % discount is on till 12 March 07 (Monday)


Julian said...

*Drools* hmmmm yummy! And the picture a little blur..but wow two babes still the same *winks*

Eileen. 静 said...

you must have eaten alot of sweet hahaha :P