Saturday, February 10, 2007

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I have been Jujube

Five things you didn't know about Me

1 -- Dislike dental visits

I haven't been to the dentist for the longest time!! I dislike the whole environment, the noises from the machines simply are too traumatising for me. The last I went was about 1.5 yrs ago. I have an odious fear for dentists and dental clinics.

2-- Panties Collection

Yes..I buy lots of undies! I have no idea why even. I don't really need that many new ones !!! I have a variety of colors and the drawer is bursting :P Am always drawn to the lingerie dept during sales..

3-- Procrastinator

Much much more than u think. I have a truck load of clothes chucked into the bottom of the wardrobe , all crinkled and in a mess, waiting to be ironed. It has been there for nearly 2 weeks. How about that pile of books I 've meant to put away.. it is still there in the corner hahhaha. Still trying to break my procrastinating ways.

4-- Buy at least one item home

It has been like that since I know how to pronounce the word "shopping and kai kai" (that would be 2 yr old ?) I have to buy something when I am out can be something cheap like a new notebook or pencils when I was young.

I would sulk and even cry if I don't get to buy what I like whenever I was out shopping with my mum and aunt. They have no choice but to buy the item for me :P This habit still stay today.. I feel funny if I return home empty handed. Just have to buy something!! (see #2 ) .


I am quite a petty person.. but not to everyone.. ok..lame ...brain dead liao..can't think of any other things to write about...hence this haha. Watch it. Don't step on my toes. I bite

gotta tag 5 others..aiyo..who?... okay...cannot think of the last here are the lucky 4!!



I simply love the snacks and drinks from TCC
Met CW on one of the week day afternoon and spend some time yakking and munching away.

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