Sunday, February 11, 2007

Saturday 10/02/07

Dinner at Miss Clarity Cafe followed by Drama Center for Hossan Leong's Multiple Personalities Disorder

Dinner at miss clarity was good. They have some new additions to the menu and prices are quite reasonable. One thing though, all of us found the food slightly on the salty side. Oh, it was stated in the menu that the pasta I ordered would be "swimming in white wine sauce", but when it arrived, it hardly look anything like that *my pasta had lots of ingredients though,I guess that made up for the swimming part* I didn't manage to take photos of what the rest of my friends were eating.

The serving were rather generous. This would be my 2nd time dining there . Do note that reservations are needed for dinner.

Garlic Crusted Scallops

French Escargots baked in garlic butter

Seafood Vongole

The 5 of us went over to the Drama Center (located on the 3rd floor of the National Library) for Hossan Leong's stand up play. Another friend and her beau managed to reach on time! The seats we got this time round were all the way rite at the top..literally the last row of the whole theater :P *tickets are not cheap to start with * Thank goodness it wasn't all that steep..

Hossan Leong has come a long way....I remembered watching him on Army Daze . Had a great time laughing at his latest stand up . The script was written by Mr Miyagi , oh he was there last nite..saw him at the post show autograph session...nah..he didn't autographed , he was hanging around . We joined the que for Hossan's autograph and took photos with him too :P

It was off to Menotti for dessert after the show. We ordered quite a no. of desserts.. as they are on 50 % discount after 10 pm :) Cakes and pastries were flying off the shelves.

what does this look like to you :P hahaahha

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Julian said...

Oh gosh...escargots my favourite! yummy!