Monday, February 19, 2007

Oink oink part 2

Saturday 17 0/02/07

So how was your reunion dinner? I asked around and it seems quite a no. of friends had steamboat..just like me :)

This must be one of the quietest reunion dinner so far..with Weimin and Weijie away..and another uncle away in Japan with his family.

Chinese New Year is slowing losing its charm on me... It seems more enjoyable when I was younger. It was one of the festive season I look forward to. Somehow I dread it as the years go by. Making stupid small talk with a roomful of blood related people isn't one of those things I like. Connected by blood is the only thing we share. I am referring to my paternal relatives.

I had to make small talk because it can be so unbearably quiet (even though the tv is on) Anyway, I stopped visiting my paternal aunts and uncles (with my parents )few yrs back. It is kinda sad to think that I will not recongise them , neither they if we were to bump into one another on the streets. Yes, it just happen a month ago, when I saw a married cousin and his wife .. ok this case I chose not to acknowledge them.

Aiya, for what rite, it isn't as if we were close to start with. May sound silly but I don't even know their full names!!! It is just so pretentious! Sometimes chinese new year visitations are pretentious. A sudden phone call from this odd friend, or long distance cousin just because it is the new year? It isn't surprising. The other 363 or 360 days they have been "super busy", and so were u as well. You don't get to meet them nor will you even be bothered to call them for the rest of the year..

ok ok..enough crap.. look at the photos okay?

Steamboat reunion
(note the background photo is my front door :p )

There wasn't much to do after dinner, and my bro was suppose to meet his friend for photo taking at the River hong bao.. so my mum and I went along with bro. It was really too crowded to enjoy the place hahha. My bro's slr camera decided to go on a strike, so he wasn't able to take any good pictures : (

Here are some of the photos I took.

This is Tiger
(not monkey! like some dumbo i overheard saying)

Family of Oink oink piggies!!

One of the entrances

Took the City hall on the way there

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