Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oink oink part 3

Monday 20/02/07

Now tell me, do you feel very festive this Lunar New Year? I don't know, somehow, even when I am outside, I don't get the new yeary mood. It seems like a very quiet start to this Piggy New Year.

There was a slight reprieve from the hot weather as it rained yesterday afternoon ..just as I was leaving my flat. Lynn invited us to her place for our usual new year gathering :)

The train ride there was pretty okay, except for a few armed *police* in my carriage..everything was fine :P Am I suppose to feel safer with them around, or start to panic? hahahah

Guess where I went....*location..see following pic*

The journey took me about 40 mins, with me changing transport 3 times! First, I took a 5 min bus ride to the nearby train station, sat on the train for another 20 mins, which brought me to the bus interchange, where by I hopped on to another SBS bus! there... Of coz you can say that I can always take 2.50..but its expensive .. :P Anyway, I was the first to arrive at Lynn's place!!
Everyone's late due to the sudden downpour.

So yours truly started doing what she does best.. munch!!! Lynn had a table full of goodies waiting to be eaten! Had the first slice of bak gua for the new yr!!hmmmm.... *bliss*

I proceeded to snap photos around her place (the girls were late) .... and finally the girls arrived..

Photoshopped version :P (i blurred it)

Not everyone was able to make it yesterday, so we are gonna meet up again for dinner and 鱼生 next week :)

Joey brought along her two darlings.. Rachael and Ryan..boy were they HYPER!! They were banging away on Lynn's piano one minute..and the next they were jumping up and down ...before you know it, they were pretending to be flying!! Amazing.. but they are so cute!!

The kids were trying so hard to touch the tassel on the new year decoration that hangs from the light...and after countless tries, they finally got tired and asked Vincent (lynn's hubby) for help! hahaha

Me and the ladies :)

Had much fun once again catching up with my dear friends :)

I made my way to town to meet Jaclyn and Alicia for coffee at Borders. More photos coming up.. till then.. good nite :)

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