Monday, January 01, 2007

What Did I do on the Last day of 2006

Hello all! How did you spend the last day of the year yesterday? I spend mine with friends.

Had a lunch gathering of sort over at a gal fren's place in the afternoon. All the girls were there and Diana brought along her son and daughter. Jandy's cute niece and nephew came along too. Can you see the doe eyed little girl at the left of the picture? Isn't she a cutie? There were a total of 5 kids.. oops..I didn't take a shot with one of the boys :P

Had a fun time playing with the little ones.. and catching up with the girls . Got home around 8pm and left for Katong Hk cafe to join Alica and Edwin for supper cum countdown :}

Gosh..i love the mango blended with ice cream and french toast. We were there till about 1am.

There...that was my last day of 2006.
It was definitely than the past 3 yrs..coz I stayed home those 3 yrs! No party.. no gathering. I was home watching fireworks for 2004, and was sick on last day of 2003. Didn't really want to venture down to town for countdown as it was super crowded and getting home after that would be a major problem.


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