Sunday, December 31, 2006

31st Dec 2006 -Retrospect

The final day in 2006

Time to bid adieu yet another delirious, fun filled, emotional year .
I wouldn't say that there were alot of breakthroughs , but I have made some 'wonderful' discoveries about my inner self. I hope to strive towards my goals in the coming new year, and to push myself even harder in the quest of becoming a better person. Don't wish to be held captive by certain emotions/events from the past :)

I definitely see life in a different light this year. Certain personal experience enlightened me.

Snippets of my days in 2006


To my dear family and good friends for putting up with my moods and antics.
To all new forged friendship and may it blossom in the new year .

Enjoy the last day of 2006..and give thanks for all the good things and events in the past year .

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