Wednesday, January 17, 2007

mid week

It's another cool night..great for snoozing. I love nights like this. Yippy, it is mid week already..just two days more to watching Forbidden Chestnuts.

Anyway, spend some time in the afternoon in Starbucks with Chong wee (was 'nagging' at him over some 'crisis' he was facing :P )
We shopped a fair bit as well, with me playing fashion consultant to him as he needed some formal shirts .

Parted our ways as I made my way to the usual Wednesday music practice in NUS. Managed to meet up with Alicia and had a great time catching up in the train.

Today happened to be the 3rd anniversary of our ensemble. We played a little and spend the rest of the night happily eating and gossiping chatting away! Love the new pieces we are learning pieces get me going!

WE ordered 5 pizzas from Sfigato and a friend bought popiah as well.. I love the salmon pizza :)

Sfigato Pizzas!!!!

Alrighty, time to turn out the lights and say good night. Tweet tweams! *waves jiggly arms *

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