Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Movies watched on Monday 15/01/07

I was mesmerised by Francis Ng. Yes, he is kinda the main reason why I watched the movie . Lame reason but hey, I love the movie and the way it was being filmed. The movie is alike to trying to fix a puzzle together. The lost pieces are there, you just have to figure it out which piece goes where. Can be quite confusing though. Kudos to the rather unknown S'pore actor -Joseph Quek. I thought he was quite convincing playing the role of the "act smart" gangster.

The producers and director managed to capture Singapore in a very un Spore way. It actually made satay club under the bridge looked like some cool chillout pub. *te amo was the name of the pub in the movie *


Had much time on this monday, so here's the other movie I caught with Edwin and Jackly

What can I say, this movie's hilarious for all the wrong reasons :) Ain't he lucky he's still alive after the screening of the movie?


Had indo.food for dinner at Lucky Plaza --

Love the fried chicken..and the chilli's a killer!

the beef is sweet and kinda tender

ice lemon tea n pink drink with fruit bits

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