Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Long Christmas Weekend

**3 entries in one.. long post**

Hi all..

Have you guys enjoyed yourselves during this Christmas holiday? Perhaps some of you (especially singles ) felt lonely during this festive period :P Cheer up..I am sure things will get better next year :)

Anyway, don't stop partying and feasting as there's still the countdown to the new yr :)

Enough of that..now..take a look at what I have been eating for the past few days. *throw my diet of the window*

Christmas eve supper @ jalan kayu

Christmas lunch @home

Xmas dinner with friends

Friday 22nd Dec

Was invited to join Chris' cell group for a Xmas dinner last Friday. Went over to help her take care of Nicky while she whipped up pasta for the group :) I knew some of her friends so it wasn't difficult mixing around the group. As Chris was busy helping out with the food etc, Nicky was left in my care. I realised she wants things to be done her way as she gets older :P It's really not easy trying to explain certain things to a kid 3 mths short of being 2 yrs old. Kids this young doesn't understand the concept of logic hahah . She clings to me when Chris was busy with the stuff.. and her latest 'obsession' are cats . She's totally fascinated by them. It's a joy looking at her funny antics and cute speech but argh.. she can be a handful at times as it is with most children.

Decor for the gathering :)


Pouting Nicky

Pasta n whipped potato

Chocolatey log cake


Monday 25th Dec
Christmas Day with the girls

After my lunch at home with family, I went off to meet Chris and friends. Yup, had a singing session . Boy was Kbox teeming with people..and one thing I really dislike about the place is the freezing temperature. It doesn't help much by ordering a hot drink as it becomes cold after mere minutes.

Argh..took me more than an hour just to upload the photos and updating this entry. Okay.. just look at the photos .

*Catch up with Randy and Irene after a long time! *

naughty nicole "washing" her hand

Right.. I am done.. ah..before I go to bed...here's some presents I received this xmas. It's the thought that counts *_^ Good night..happy boxing day.

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