Wednesday, November 15, 2006

ST Stomp comments :P

will I be sued by the sleeping guy? Was I out of line when I send in the photo to ST Stomp? Well, it's totally up to the editors to post it online isn't it :P So am I libel to anything?

Anyway, I snapped a photo of a sleeping guy who occupied two mrt seats. Well, I thought perhaps it's because of the small butt space that was inadequate for his "full figure" But still it wasn't such a nice thing to discounting another commuter a seat. I just sent to Stomp for fun.. and yeah..they kinda posted it up and open it to comments -_-"

Click on the below link for the comments and photo


Anonymous said...

hahhaa, i like one of the commment in the link.... "his jeans was so tight.... he needed to open his legs for his balls to breathe...... hahhaa


Merv Kwok said...

Erm... I think you should've used a pseudonym instead of your real name hehe. But if he sues you, he's an idiot. He can't anyway. You're actually allowed to legally take picture of people in public. Just not obscene one's.

Eileen. 静 said...

yeah dear merv.. i should have .. didn't come to my mind about the name thing..

oh well :P

anony--it seems that alot of people only noticed about his wide spread legs hahaha

Chrissy said...

all the comments were all about open legs, balls and groin...typical sg guys!! tsk tsk!!