Friday, November 10, 2006

+++How to live with an Idiot +++

Aren't you sick and tired of putting up with that irresponsible, lazy husband of yours? He slumps onto his fav. couch the min. he is back from work , waits for dinner to be serve and watches tee vee all night long. It's impossible to change the habits and lifestyle of most men I found you a fabulous book to read..perhaps u can get a better insight and learn to live with it :P

See..the idiot featured on the front cover of this book titled "how to live with an idiot, clueless creatures and people who love them" is a male! Don't be dupe..coz the idiot can be anyone..even yourself. This book can be found at the Central National Library (Middle Road). Can't help but to snap a photo of it. The cover just tickles me :)

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