Saturday, November 11, 2006

Friday night--of tears and gastric attack

I had a bad gastric attack last night and was in pain despite having eaten antacid pills. Tried to sleep but couldn't so decided to distract myself from the pain by watching a movie on TV (channel U)

It was a 2002 Korean production, one that had alot of good reviews . It is about a boy and his mute grandmother.He stayed with his grandma in the rural countryside as his mum had financial issues to take care of. The boy was very hostile and rude to his grandma because of the generation gap and the rural living conditions, yet the old grandma showed no anger towards him and showered him with love and care. As the days go by, the boy came to respect her and even took care of her when she was ill. The boy was really naughty in the film, asking the poor grandma for KFC, pizzas when these items are not available nor could she couldn't afford them.

She barter traded some items and brought back a live chicken, slaughtered it and steamed it for the boy, who screamed that it isn't fried. That was comical and yet sad. How many times have we done that too , but in a different context...taking those around us for granted.

The boy eventually returned him to his mum and the parting scene was touching. Knowing that the grandma couldn't write nor use the phone, he gave his grandma a stack of his precious postcards with drawings at the back and wordings like " I miss you" , "I am sick" hoping that the grandma will post them out when to him when she is sick or missing him. Sadly I found the ending kinda rush, and don't know what will happen to the poor grandma.

I was crying and laughing while trying to cope with my gastric pains. The old lady who played the role of the grandma has never watched a movie in her entire life and she really lives in the countryside as portrayed in the film.

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Anonymous said...

sounds nice, next time got good show let me know ok :)

Eileen. 静 said...

sure..if i know who are u hahahhaha

MUS is that YOU!?!?!

Anonymous said...

mus my ass lah.... gross lah

Eileen. 静 said... i know..sometimes u suka suka u tag..sometimes u leave comments hahah..
i thought is a malay fren mah..

this was the movie i told u about lor..u fell asleep that nite hahah :P