Sunday, October 08, 2006

of Retro earrings n haze

Here are some button earrings I made

for sale
white flora @ $2
yellow and black @ $4 each (leave a comment /tag if u are interested)


PSI index once climbed up to a horrendous 130 points today. I contemplated if I should wear my lenses (i wore them in the end :P) and kinda developed a mild cough.

The city skyline couldn't be seen at all from my corridor today. All were hidden except for the condo undergoing construction at Lavender.

From the looks of it, the haze condition may not improve so soon. Some people are already considering wearing N95 masks...*rememeber..those rounded Sars mask?* My face is also quite dry these days..not sure if the haze's the culprit. Gonna drink more H2O...and apply some facial masks

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