Monday, October 09, 2006

My weekend.... blah

No inspiration..actually to be's plain refusal to work the brain cells ...henceforth it is ---Just another "what did I do during the weekend " entry :P

Here's me and her post birthday celebrations on Saturday

It was nice of her to invite me. Chris and Nicky went as well of course, and all the kids were clamouring to have their photos taken with our little cutie pie.

Was suppose to meet my bunch of galfriends for another post birthday dinner @ marina sq waraku jap rest. But guess what, after all my planning and coordinating, dinner was unexpectedly cancelled!!

Oh well, it's ok. Peter called @noon ...came by to pick me up for lunch @geylang..

We had dimsum at the mongkok hk dimsum just opp. lor 9. Been eating their dimsum for yrs. Anyway.. had to collect some stuff from Chris, so went to plaza sing with peter for a short while. We parted there and I continued shopping around. I felt groggy half way thru , perhaps due to the haze on Saturday. Met with Chris and the rest eventually and as it turned out, I get to eat at Waraku :p

Simply love the paper pot soup! Delicious

We get to dine in the pte room again.. this time round at the Marina sq branch. Nicky had such a fun time trotting around the room.. she was so happy and was laughing along with the adults :)

She's eyeing at my food

Nicky and mummy

Teeheeehehe.. don't you just love her curls!

I ended my night watching this movie with Mr A at Cineleisure

It was slapstick ! Some of the jokes were laugable..some blah! On the whole, it was a movie about being true to yourself and what you believe in..and not letting others sway you around.

okay's time to return to my papers and red pen.

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