Thursday, September 21, 2006

Shop at Daiso! cheep cheep cheep

Good news for those who miss the 1.99 stores , you have a reason to smile now and you don't have to travel all the way (for those who don't stay in the west) to IMM. Daiso has just opened a new branch at Plaza Singapura :) Everything is $2 and if you are not 'careful', you may end up buying things that you don't really need hehehe. The PS branch is much smaller in space compared to the parent inIMM. However, it is still exciting going through the array of merchandise. They try to pack in as many items as they can and it can be quite a squeeze in between the aisle.

*what a fresh burst of colors :) *

I found something really funny at the toys section... toys section mind u. I wonder which parent would buy this for the kid hahaha. It is pretty self explanatory just by looking at the pictures on the box. I wonder what it is written in Jap... "wow I have breasts now!!" "wow they sure feels real!!"hahaha

I can almost hear the boy asking his mum..
"mummy... i want to buy that pair of inflatable boobs!!"

Step one-- Place your newly acquired boobs firmly against your chest
Step two-- Place your hands on where the boobs are and slowly massage them
Step three-- Viola!! they magically inflate. Now you can go show off to everyone.

Go take a look if you are going Daiso one of these days *Grin*
I had to control myself from didn't really buy much. Couldn't resist the hello kitty plastic pouch.. my 245745th pouch

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