Friday, August 11, 2006

Where was I on Aug 9 2006??

Woah..I thank my dearest brother for fixing my beloved pc. It got hit by the dirty, disgusting, hideous ,slutty trojan horse virus. My anti virus program managed to heal it, but one of the internet files was infected. So I couldn't log in to my msn and some other programs such as itunes couldn't function properly. Phew.. my bro managed to get the file online and fixed the problem :) Now it's back to normal again *clap hands*


Ah, time for some photos . Met my galfriends yesterday for (my post birthday meal session) lunchie @ Swensens. Been a couple of months since I met some of them :) One of the ladies , Diana , brought along her two precocious
kids. oh~! Jennifer (the pretty one at the far end of the table), managed to regain her figure just 4 mths after giving birth.

Oh .here are the pics.


I proceeded to Thomas' birthday gathering after the lunch n shopping session with my gals.It was a cosy get together of our ensemble. There was bbq food, cake , gossips, booze and cake!

Chilling out in the kitchen

Happy Birthday Thomas..

*laughs* Cam whoring ( pun intended ) in the streets of Geylang Lor 24 A!! hahaha.. Well, at least this isn't one of the sleazy streets .

righty ~! I am done for the night..

Nitey nite folks.

listening to:王力宏--流泪手心


Anonymous said...

I love love love your pics!!! -deyana

Eileen. 静 said...

hey Deyana! dropped by! thanks dear.. u lor..leave so early..

singaporeplayboy said...

WOW! You are really into picture taking, babe..

Love ya pictures..

Too bad for me I can't upload my pictures in my blog. A need for anonymous identity - well known dudes doesn't the chicks. You know wad I mean...

LOVE said...

I have a pretty face

U need a better camera

Eileen. 静 said...

love aka abel..

i wouldn't know if u have a pretty face.. but if u meant that I have a pretty face..thanks. hahah

and yeah.. better camera..sure.will get one if i can find spare cash lying around :P

hey dear playboy..
hahah.yes ..i love taking photos..of myself and of my friends!! yeah..u better conceal that identity of yours :P