Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thoughts on a drowsy noon

It used to be a joyous event watching the national day parade from home when I was a child. My family and I would gather(at my grandma's place in Upper Boon Keng) in front of the tv, waiting for the fly pass of the flag and fighter jets. I would rushed out of the flat to catch a glimpse of the planes in the sky. In fact, I still do that when ever I am at home during the parade hehe. The parade contigents used to march from the stadium to the nearby neigbourhood and all the residents would line up along the pavement to cheer them on :) I wouldn't totally say that the NDP parade in recent years have lost its charm (coz many people would rather shop than to watch the parade) It does feels different watching it live at the stadium (or Padang) as compared to just watching it in the living room on tv. The whole atmosphere is different when you are there with 50000 other fellow Singaporeans :)

You really feel proud and happy to be a citizen of this little red dot. (even with the rising cost of living, and other shit not mentionable here) .

Well, as the curtains come down on this yr's parade, it also means that the stadium will be torn down in due time. I have spend a fair bit of time in the stadium years ago :P

I used to visit the stadium gym with someone speical ..many years back. My sec. school sports day was held there every year.. I ran those tracks many times.. I remembered before the 'new' gym ..there was this other old gym inside the stadium
i just did the kallang roar the other day during the NDP preview..sat on those seats one last time.. Yeah, it's time to say goodbye .

*listening to: Sophie Zelmani-Going home*

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