Sunday, August 06, 2006

Play day..

Attended a matinee of Homesick this afternoon with Ed, Alicia and Jacklyn. Homesick is a Wild Rice production and it is the first of a series of plays for Wild Rice's first Singapore Theatre Festival. The backdrop to the play is the Sars crisis back in 2003. It touched on certain topics which I thought was quite typical of a family and also topics related to Singaporeans. For instance how the general public thinks of a mix race couple..the kind of asian values we have and how badly some of us wanting to leave S'pore and how some simply forgetting their roots. There were laughter moments and thought provoking lines. I enjoyed the play and would go for more Wild rice productions in the future.


Had dinner after the play and we actually made our way to One Fullerton for the annual Fireworks Festival.. sans the camera *shrugs*. The human crowd caused rather bad traffic and body jam :P We managed to stand at this corner near to the defuct pier and wow..the fireworks were great!! (Italy team) We were treated to 15 mins of colorful burst of surprises in the sky.
Anyhow..took one lousy photo using my hp. We are going back next week again!! Tonight was the opening of the festival.. Make your way to the Esplanade or Fullerton for the fireworks! Do take note that it will be extremely crowded. Speaking of crowd.. I wonder why parents like to bring their babies *less than a yr old ..some in strollers/prams* to such events. It doesn't make sense really. It is hot, stuffy, noisy- these are somethings babies hate. And come on..babies really don't care much about fireworks! They end up crying upon hearing the loud fireworks. Oh well.. whatever.


KayLeong said...

Thanks for liking my pictures. =)

It certainly is crowded that night isn't it?
I guess the best site to watch is still the bridge linking Fullerton and Esplanade. Usually have to be there 1 hour early to at least have the hope of getting a place for the tripod.
3 more shows to go... enjoy...

Eileen. 静 said...

the bridge is terribly packed! haahha. i will be going next sat. not sure about the other two.. have fun..take more photos!