Monday, August 07, 2006

charm me with your smile.........

Sunday 6th Aug

Took a nap in the evening and woke up with a lousy pukey feeling. Well, better now..however , wide awake.

Been patronizing Menotti's for the past two weekends. Their desserts are at 1/2 price after 10 pm every night :) Yeah..that's the draw and we are gonna try all the desserts on the menu.(gosh..i feel fat just mentioning that)(detractors- don't even bother commenting that I am fat..coz I will KILL you one by one if you do shut up) *lalallalallalalalalla* fiddling with hair*

Camera time!
30th July..
This was rather interesting.. Alicia took me when I was snapping a photo of myself haha. That explains the*flash light from my camera* cast of light on my face..

5th August
Tiramisu and warm choco cake with ice cream

I hardly wore strips.. and here I one of my rare stripped top..

Jumbled up thoughts as usual at this hour. No good..sigh.. need to shut my mind up..

Sleep is beckoning me .. Good nite

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