Sunday, July 30, 2006

NDP preview 2006 -S'pore's 41st Birthday!!

This will be the last NDP that will be held at the National Staduim as they will be demolishing it. I love such events to be honest.heehe..Kinda happy to be able to celebrate my birthday with the nation *even though its just the preview*

Bro and I took a bus to Kallang and we were greeted by massive amount of fellow Singaporeans making their way to the staduim. Decided to walk to the staduim instead of queuing for the shuttle bus. Thank goodness I was wearing shorts :P Oh, we were encourage to wear red for the occassion..but I didn't do that :P Instead..I wore a pink teeshirt . Bro wore red of 90% of the rest at the staduim :) Oh are some photos.. Am too tired to write..

Most of the photos are taken with my bro's Canon to zoom :) We were seated somewhat near to the parade square..

*brother and me*

Random shots of me

Performer 'dangling' in the air.. he 's secured to a balloon and there's someone on the ground assisting him in the act :) * wondered if his *ahem you know what * is pain or not..hahah *

*the balloon performance*

*Chen Weilian singing *

*the Red Lions*

*my favorite fireworks*

*the finale*

Other performances

Ok..I am done for now.. gonna crash. I will upload more photos to my Multiply account..u can take a look if you wanna. Ciao.


michael fun said...

*the Red Lions*, *my favorite fireworks* and the Other performances, are nice in the capturing and the layout, in my opinion.:)

Eileen. 静 said...

hey..thanks Michael..thanks for dropping by :)