Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mindless entry #8845 PMS

I hate pimples and acne. I hate outbreaks during the time of the month! That being now! Two angry red pimples visited my nose a few days ago. Another one came along and planted itself casually by my chin. Hey, I realised pimples appear at the funniest places. . I ever had them inside my nose and ears!! eeks! Pus filled ones and darn freaking painful too! (too heaty, no? )

suffering from the usual PMS mood swing too. Emotions got the better of me and I cried while reading Cecelia Ahern's PS I love You. *tale about how this lady cope with the death of her soulmate*

I craved for potato chips the other day and yesterday was chocolates -_-" *shrugs* Hahah..then again, chocolates' a must for me almost any other day! AAARRRRGGGHHHHHH. Feeling fat...*bloated tummy*

okay okay.enough of my pms..

oh on a happier gastronomic note.. I finally ate at the famous Bedok Blk 85 hawker center. Have to eat the soup bar chor mee soon!! It's really different and tasty. Ate the pork satay too..hehee..u can see the half eaten satay in the photo too :P Too bad it doesn't come with the grated pineapple gravy.

This is bad.. it's 3.15 am and here I am blogging!!? Did I mentioned I just got home not too long ago from a movie?

Pirates of the Caribbean

Quite entertaining and the effects were good! Especially the "sotong' man hahaha!! (octopus monster ). I love Johnny Depp and he is good with almost all his roles lately
(Personal favorite-- "Peter pan" and "charlie n the chocolate factory" )
As expected..there will be part 3

hmm, i gathered I have written enough of mindless stuff for now. Yippy! I love midweek..
This entry is quite 'bimbotic' .. just going on and on like some young girls' blog :P

good nite...

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