Friday, July 21, 2006



Some bugger by the nick of Candy left some frank bitchy comments on my tagboard. I deleted them. She said how dare I call myself sexy..and that I should slim down,called me names which I have no wish to repeat it here. Since when is being sexy anything to do with size? I know of big built girls who are very sexy.. and sexy means more than appearance, you stupid, demented ignorant candy! TMD KNS. 你去吃屎吧!!!

aiya..i know i shouldn't go so low and make a fuss..but cannot help it leh. PMS have to let it out!!!! Feeling much better now *takes a deep breath*.

Hey...i know alot of people who blog get such shit once how do u all deal with it? just pretend nothing happen?

*kicks candy down the drain....*
By the way.. I have YOUR IP address..just becareful about leaving dirty comments on other people's blogs.


hmm..Apparently candy apologised to me via my tagboard..If you dunno where is my tag is on the right hand side of my blog..scroll down and see :P

I dunno's tiring getting angry over such insignificant mindless stuff. I told myself the next time detractors /flamers attack me or my blog..i will just ignore them (unless i am in pms mood again )


singaporeplayboy said...

Hi Eileen,

Thot I will drop by your cozy corner too!

My defination of sexy:

its a feeling. you feel sexy, you are sexy. you think you are sexy, then you are sexy.

Who can qualify to judge? Sexiness at the end of the day is like beauty - in the eyes of the beholder.

Trust the playboy here, you are beautiful and when you flare up in your blog, that's sexy...


Eileen. 静 said...

hahaha..agree that sexy is an attitude..

didn't know flaring up is sexy too ..