Saturday, June 17, 2006

Some say pop art isn't art...

Being a Friday evening, the Singapore Art Museum offers free admission from 7pm -9pm. I took the chance and was there last night to visit the Fiction @ Love exhibit :)

Am a fan of whimiscal, cute and unusual art work and installations. Was quite happy to be there alone, taking my time to look through all of the works . Didn't manage to take snapshots of my fav. works--dolls hanging upside down from the ceiling*morbid??*

There's this room where sensors are able to capture your movements and project it on the wall which appears to look like fireworks :) That was fun. Go see the exhibits soon have 2 more weeks!! (ends on the 2nd of July 06)

Righty! enjoy your weekend. I am off mahjong :P

check this out.. one of the artist(korean guy ) featured in Fiction@love. Adorable

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