Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Over the weekend...Food food and more food

Saturday 17 June 06

Had dinner at Waraku katong after our game of mahjong . Had a filling dinner hence walked down to HK cafe (Alicia n Edwin were craving for toast -_-")

Rare photos of me in glasses haha.. wore my contact lens for more than 12 hours the day before ...so eyes needed a rest

Sunday 18 June 06
It has been a while since we had dinner together. Grandma's better these days, plus it was Father's day, so Aunt Grace decided to give us a treat.

Two persons not in the collage..hahaha..my brother(the unoffical photographer)
and Aunt Grace's hubby. Kinda forgotten to take a pic for my brother :P

the above were taken by my brother's camera..

Badly taken pics by me :P

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