Friday, May 12, 2006

On board the train

Are you self conscience? Do you take notice of how you behave when you're in a public environment? It has dawn upon me that some ladies either don't care bout it..or they are simply oblivious to their surroundings.

Was on board the train few days back. Happily listening to my mp3 when this well groomed lady plonked down to the seat next to me. Well, from the side of my eye, I could tell that she was munching away. A sweet I reckon. I didn't give much thought to that of course. The next thing she did was something I wouldn't have done in a cabin full of strangers (not quite the thing to do either in sight of anyone!) . And i do hope most of you don't as well.

She proceeded to dislodge some food bits that was stuck to her teeth.. yes she opened her mouth wide and started digging away with her fingers. Yucks!!! Maybe you think that wasn't all that bad..but was unslightly.*maybe i am just anal??* Don't people pay attention to decorum anymore? Another pet peeve of mine --yawning with mouth wide open!! Ain't referring to the men . Women ..cover your mouth when you yawn! Argh.



Enjoy this long weekend :)

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