Sunday, May 14, 2006

Alcohol and Me

Friends are unusually surprised when I told them I hardly drink
alcoholic stuff I mean. I don't like the after effects.
Flushed face ,Racing heartbeat
Feeling sick, Bloated

I was 19 yrs of age when I really drank. Was at a friend's birthday and
she insisted that I drink half a mug of beer. Oh well, I did and before I can even say Happy birthday to the girl, I was puking my guts out in the toilet. I can recall the whole event. I was sick after that and had to leave the party :(

That particular incident didn't stop me from consuming my first magarita when I was out on the 1st date with a former boyfriend. Drank that potent magarita during dinner, and proceeded to the cinema after drove us there. Was feeling very light headed in the car. The magarita's taking effect. I did a lovely 'merlion' the minute I got out of the car .Yeah, I kinda threw up my dinner in front of that bf .I was quite amazed that he did asked me out for a 2nd date after my excellent behavior

Hence I am sort of apprehensive when friends offered to buy me drinks or when they insist that I drink. What's my poison you ask?
Hmm..I like cocktails, sweet ones..nothing too bitter.
Totally hate beer..espeically Tiger. Love martini.. Not much of a wine lover.
Have never gotten drunk really high on a few occassions though.

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