Friday, May 19, 2006

Multi entries--lunch@翡翠小厨,Midnite movie..Ice3

Had lunch with a couple of friends yesterday at
crystal Jade翡翠小厨.
It's one of my fav. chinese 'cafe'..serving delectable
拉面 。。小龙包and a
wide variety of dishes .
We were at the Holland village branch ..

Here's what we have eaten :)

The xiao long bao's juicy and the skin isn't too compared to some other places.
Have tried 鼎泰奉 so called famous xiao long bao,
but still prefer 翡翠

*drool* I love sour vinegar-ary food.. and this is one of my top ordered dish in crystal jade.
It's actually meat dumpling accompanied by vinegar and chili oil sauce.
The skin is very thin and so smooth.... hmm...melts in your mouth.
Definitely goes well with the sauce.
I wasn't all too hungry hence didn't order any noodles :)


Popped by cineleisure for a midnight movie last nite .
I didn't know what movie I was watching
till the opening titles came up on the screen, hahaha
Friend picked the movie and bought the tickets as usual
It was a korean flick. Was meant to be a comedy but damn
I laughed like only 5 times through out the whole 100+mins .
That's considered little for a comedy *shake head*
Oh, it's rated R21 ..a handful of sex scene.
typical stuff...nothing exotic nor erotic :P

hmm..Don't be misledfooled by the movie poster above
Ji jin hee (the oh so good looking 敏大人 from 大长今)
kept his clothes on the whole time in the movie whahaha..
The sex scene were by and large of the lead
actress, Moon so ri who acted as a environmental activtist professor *who walks with a limp*
Sorry to say.. I don't really find her that bewitching.
Oh well, I hope to catch Da Vinci Code soon :)


Went for ice cream at Ice3 seragoon gardens with Elle, Christine, Mark and Nicky last Thursday
Nicky is getting really cheeky and naughty these days..and she frowns !
It is so funny to see a 1 yr old frown :P
Ice3 is quite popular with teens and adults..
with wide range of ice cream flavours to choose from.
They have finger food and main courses too. Reasonably priced.
Opens till late.. rest on tuesdays.

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