Saturday, May 20, 2006

Just had an *heated* exchange with a friend via msn. A controversial topic no less. Religion. Buzz word for the apt. Not so much on the da vinci code...but more on why do some Christians go door to door knocking on non believers' homes.

Friend being a non believer, raised the question. I told him not all christians take this approach (knocking on doors) and this group may be unorthodox. And of coz they only approach non believers.. to spread the news to them and to save them. He went on claming that his attempted to convert him with daily prayers and weekly church service :P

I stated that he jolly well knew it was a mission school and could have switched schools if he found it uncomfortable. Nevertheless, he stayed in the school for the entire sec. education.
Well...we deviated and went on to other aspects such as praying to ancestors..etc :P I didn't want to say too much ..don't want to sour things.

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