Thursday, April 06, 2006

Of noses and unshaven hair

I was greeted with a 'wonderful' sight in the train this evening on my way to Clementi. As you know, it isn't easy getting a seat during the evening peak hours. Was glad to secure one(board at Bugis).. between two men.*raised eyebrows* hehehe. That's not the issue here. Seated directly opp. me was a young chap, rather 'prosperous' looking (body size i mean :P)

Of course I understand there isn't much one can do during a train ride, especially when you're alone. So make a guess what the young chap across the train cabin did.. it isn't anything sexual illegal, however, it was unsightly! He seems pretty harmless..u know,seated there.. minding his own business. I was looking around, well, you know..the usual people watching.

So there I was looking around and when I returned my gaze to the front, I was greeted with young chap with a finger in his nose. He was happily digging away, oblivious to his surroundings. Argh,I looked away immediently. I had to close my eyes for a good part of my journey :P

Shouldn't a person conduct himself in a proper manner?
I mean well..digging of noses isn't really much of a big deal, yet it just irks me -_-''
It should be done in the toilet or when alone :P

I have even witnessed ladies digging noses. Yes in public. That reminds me of another issue. Should women with unshaven armpit hair be allowed to wear sleeveless tops? Hahhahahaha. That doesn't sound right.. let me rephase. Why would a lady be wearing tank top and yet have unshaven armpit hair? It is really not nice ..of coz there is no law saying that one cannot do that. I for one wouldn't be showing off my arms if hair's sticking out of my pits.

I hope i am not being too extreme here. This isn't about conformity.
It's about how we conduct ourselves.
It's 2.15am..I hope i am making sense

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