Friday, April 07, 2006

Bring out the glutton in me

It's another entry of "Bring out the glutton in me"

Date- 6 April 06
Venue-Waraku Japanese Rest. Marina Sq

This restaurant chain has been around for quite sometime. Have been wanting to try it when they first open at East coast (i think :p). Since I was at MS with my aunt... might as well try it :)
We really enjoyed our dinner there

There are lots of varity to choose from, was quite spolit for choice. Prices are reasonable. I love the kaminabe(paper hotpot). However, there is limited kaminabe choices.. anyway..u can check out their website --- are some photos :)

*cod fish and veggie kaminabe in chige soup base*
i love's slightly spicy :) the cod fish's quite fresh

*Garlic Rice*
hahaha..yeah, look at the big plate. The rice isn't too soggy and has a nice garlicky fragrance.

I got a shock when the waitress placed this on my table. I was wondering how my aunt and I are gonna finish it. Well.. the top layer is actually omelette and pork slices and
underneath is raw cabbage :)
Look at the generous serving of teriyaki sauce and mayo :P

*Mix Kushiyaki*
this is a mixture of grilled meat and salmon


Date- 4th april 06
Venue- Ohsho
#01-10 Cuppage Plaza

Went for supper with Christine at this tiny eatery. It can seat about 15-20 persons max. Kinda like those small diner in Japan. The chef's japanese so u can rest assured the ramen and food serve are pretty authentic :) Though i am sure some stuff are modified to cater to local tastebuds. There were a few Japanese men happily eating and drinking away when we were there that night (10.30pm) . They close at 2am every night xcpt for sundays.

We ordered spicy ramen set..ramen and a serving of gonza :) The soup is addictive and it isn't very spicy at all. There are two slices of roast pork and generous amount of corn and beansprouts. Yummy. Oh yeah, this is one of the ten ramans recommended in Sunday Times Lifestyle 2 weeks ago :) You bet i am gonna try all!

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