Thursday, January 05, 2006

** i Love late nites :)

Feeling sluggish now. Been having late nites these days. I realised more and more people especially teens and yuppies are sleeping later and later. People seem to enjoy the night more than ever. The nite is kinda inviting..quiet, peaceful and great time to reflect.

The nite is also seductive. It is luring and many secret 'events' take place during the night.
People are also more sensual in the night. I have to admit , I love the night. I am an owl. I seem to be able to express myself better in the night rather than day.
Why do we stay up late?
Perhaps we are all trying to catch hold of time. Though that is quite impossible. We can but make use of time in the best possible way .

One thing Singaporeans love doing at night is eat.
Just take a look at the number of late nite cafes..coffeeshops..supper joints around us. Even Macs have gone 24 hours for some of their outlets and they do 24 hours delivery too.

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