Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Tohs eat Shukuu Izakaya

Mr Toh and I  are always on the look out for places with good quality Japanese food .We were recently treated to some fresh and pretty authentic offerings at a friendly cosy izakaya in the heart of CBD. Not only do they serve decent food, they also have a wide range of sake. One of the owners of this izakaya, Luis,  is a double certified SSI International Kikisake-Shi (國際唎酒師) and SSA Certified Sake Sommelier. If you are a sake fan, be sure to find out more from him ! 

Shukuu Izakaya 


Warm dim lights and elements of a Japanese居酒屋 fills the entire restaurant.. It gave us a welcoming effect. 

Don't be deceived by this sight for all the tables were 
filled by the time we started eating 

Wall is lined with sake bottles

The staff will gladly pair some sake to go along with your food.

 The food selection

We had some small bites to start the night rolling
Bottom right : Gyu Ponzu ($7) –Lightly seared fillet beef with ponzu
Thou beef is very tender, I find that ponzu sauce and 
meat combi isn't quite up my alley.. Left : Reba Shoyuzuke ($6) – Marinated chicken liver in soy sauce
Thumbs up for this  ! It's actually the first time I enjoyed chicken liver :) 
The liver is well marinated , tender and no weird taste !
 I washed it down with some sake :D 
Top right :Shirasu Ponzu Capsicum ($6) Whitebait with diced capsicum in ponzu sauce
Light and slightly sourish with the ponzu sauce are these diced peppers with whitebait.
I actually thought they were corn kernels.

Oyster lovers will enjoy this . Tasty as 
it is, I find it slightly on the pricey side. 
Kaki no Sakamushi ($12) Sake-cooked oysters

Can't say no to Salmon Sashimi ($14)
Nice thick cut..

They serve a mean selection of charcoal-grilled skewers
TsukuneChicken meatball ($4.50)
  is our hands down favorite of the night

More Japanese satay here 
Tebasaki Chicken wing ($4)
Kurobuta Tontoro – Iberico pork collar ($5.50)
Shitake mushroom ($3)
Bacon Asparagus ($4.50)

Another of our favorites : 
Kani Gratin ($7) Baked crab gratin with mentaiko
stuffed gratin in a crab shell..topped with generous serving of mentaiko

Certinatly will be back with some friends to drink and eat the night away ! 

Address : 8 Stanley Street
Singapore 068727
Tel: 6327 9240
FB :

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