Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Tohs spent a night with Shrek and Princess Fiona

Who would have thought that love between an ugly ogre and a captive princess would have worked out ? Well yes, in this 2001 DreamWorks film, Shrek , and now being adapted into a theatrical musical.

We managed to catch this musical that opened last week at the Mastercard Theater .

Watching the animation back then drew lots of laughter from me as I simply love the chemistry and jokes between Shrek and his donkey pal.

I also love  that Princess Fiona is not your usual type of princess who is all prime and proper. Princess Fiona is one that is kept in a tower for many years, but she is a traditionalist at heart and  yearns for the kind of love that she has read in fairy tales, and had her world turned upside down after she met Shrek.
The stage lighting and animated backdrop was truly impressive ! 

It is just the right time for parents to be bringing your children to this entertaining and fun filled musical. It is the June school holidays after all !

Kudos to the actor  who played Lord Farquhar ! 
Can you imagine kneeling down the whole time on stage !

Can't get enough of the hilarious lines between the talk too much 
donkey and Shrek. 

Don't miss out on this Big Fat Chance to catch Shrek live on stage !

Get your tickets now if you have not !

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