Friday, April 29, 2016

Mrs Toh cooks Mother's Day lunch with Mission Wraps

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by , we are already entering into the month of May  :D
It is also our fifth month staying at our new apartment. Apart from having more space and a bigger room, nothing really changes. My mother in law still cleans and cooks our dinners and my father in law still loves watching his tv programs . You can say that I am quite blessed as I don't have to do much household chores. Aren't mothers and mother-in-laws the best ? We can count on them to prepare dinner and there is hot food waiting for us as we arrive home from work.

So last weekend, I decided to let my mother in law take a break from the kitchen and I whipped up some breakfast as well as lunch for her and the family as part of an early Mother's Day celebration! . Breakfast is a simple French Toast Fruit Wrap  and lunch is Thin crust wrap Pizzas using Mission wraps! Thanks to Mission Food for sending me a copy of  " Quick and Easy " Dinner recipe book by  Australia MasterChef Season 2 winner, Adam Liaw. 

You can also get a copy of this recipe book!  Simply purchase 2 packs of  Mission wraps and you will receive a copy of this handy book :)

I managed to draw inspiration for my meals from this recipe book . The good thing about wraps is they are generally very versatile,and they go well with most food !! The two items are very easy to prepare and I am sure  it will be it will be a hit with your family as well . It is also kids friendly !


Here's the French Toast Fruit Wrap
I used the original wraps

Here are some ingredients that you will need for the breakfast wrap 

Mission wraps- Original flavor
1 egg ( good for 2 wraps )
Low fat milk
Vanilla yogurt ( choose any flavor you fancy ) 
Icing sugar ( optional ) 

-Crack the egg and add about 3 tablespoon of milk and mix them well
-Pour the mixture onto a shallow round plate and proceed to coat the wraps with the mixture 
-heat up a skillet or frying pan and coat it with butter or some cooking oil 
-Place wrap coated in mixture into the hot skillet and cook 1-2 minutes per side until golden
brown. Remove from pan onto plate.


-spoon some yogurt onto the wrap and fill it with the berries
-roll the wrap up and it's done !
- you can choose to dust some icing sugar over it 

The receipe book has some rather interesting dishes to try out !
I love wraps for their versatility !


I chose to prepare some thin crust wrap pizza using the 6 grains wrap. 

It is very easy preparing wrap pizza.
Some basic ingridents you need are listed below

 -grated parmesan
-tomato sauce for pizza/pasta
-sliced tomato
-salami / ham-sliced button mushrooms
-sliced onions
-julienned basil leaves

You would need to spread the tomato sauce as the base and then sprinkle the grated cheese over it. Make sure you cover the entire surface of the sauce , other wise the taste could be compromised. Proceeed to top the wrap with your favorite pizza toppings ! Once all that is done, place the pizzas into the oven for about 10 mins ( at150-170 degrees Celsius or 338 F ) or till you see the cheese melting .

Here are my 3 pizza creations 

My husband just can't wait.. 
this pizza has onions and salami

 Here's the tomato mozzarella and mushroom pizza

How about some pasta to go along with the pizzas ?

The next wrap dish I would like to try would be this
Hainanese Chicken Wrap By MasterChef Adam Liew !
( you can click pic for larger image )
I would say this really incorporate east and west in a dish !
Definitely my favorite recipe in the book ! 

 It is really easy and fun incorprating wraps in our daily life
My mother in law enjoyed the wrap dishes I did for her
and adults in my family love the pizzas too :)

Don't forget to get your Mission wraps at major leading supermarkets today !

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