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Spinacas -- Hearty and low carb Salads

Do you have days where by you totally have no inkling what to eat for lunch and the hot mid day sun is putting you off from leaving the cool comforts of your office ? The last thing you want to ruin your day is to call for some oily and fattening fast food delivery.

Some of you will know that I have been preparing my own salad lunch and bringing them for lunch at work . It does take time to prepare for these meals and sometimes I do have to wake up earlier to prep.them. I was pretty pleased to be introduced to a salad delivery service recently, saving me time on prepping for my lunches  !

About Spinacas 



Spinacas is the brainchild of architect turned entrepreneur  , Phyllis Chua. Seeing how most of the salad options we have are protein-light and carb-heavy, Phyllis decided to introduce to the locals what she enjoyed having while on a 2-month sabbatical in Spain. The salads are high protein low carb and these are suitable for paleo and primal dieters, and those who appreciate eating whole, natural and unprocessed foods. Do you know that Spinacas is the Spanish word for spinach :)

Salad options 

There are 3 categories of salads you can choose from
1. Classic (original creations!)
  • A hearty, meaty, low-carb salad that you can eat everyday
  •  100g of meat or tofu, spinach and romaine mix, 6 fresh toppings
  •  Perfect as your everyday meal!
2. Premium (step up from classic!)
  •  A gourmet salad created using premium cuts and lovingly developed for the ultimate flavour
  •  150g of premium meat, spinach and romaine mix, 7 fresh toppings
  •  Perfect for a gastronomical salad treat!
3. Meat Lover (for those who just can’t get enough!)
  • A protein-packed salad with more than 60g of protein for a delicious yet healthy high
  •  200g of meat, romaine mix, 5 fresh toppings
  •  Perfect for a post workout meal and going lean!

The salads are all prepacked individually , greens apart from the meat and dressing 
I shared all these with my fellow salad loving colleagues at work .
Each portion is clearly labelled as well


What's in the salad mix 

We are very impressed with the selection of the salad base ! Each box comes with a fixed base (baby spinach/mesclun and/or romaine lettuce) and 5 to 7 toppings which can include pickled purple cabbage, honey cherry tomatoes, broccoli, hard-boiled egg, cheddar cheese, nuts (varies), seedless grapes, a seasonal surprise ingredient and a non-processed dressing e.g. extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper or honey, soy sauce & sesame oil packed separately.

 This is the salad base to go with Shiraz Braised Beef Cheeks $17
See how pretty the colors are !

Look at the amount of meat .. our eyes light up !
and the fragrance of it filled the entire pantry
These have been slow cooked ...tender and flavourful! 

Add them all in~ give it a good toss  

Here's the Meat Lover Moroccan Spiced Chicken Salad $13
The chicken has been marinated for 12 hours with spicy 
Middle Eastern spices .I found this refreshingly and fiery good !
The taste is similar to satay ! I like the spicy kick to it !

The 3rd salad we tried that day is the 
Meat Lover BBQ Pulled Pork Salad
The meat is a pork shoulder slow-cooked in cinnamon meat stock
 until soft and tender, then tossed with special barbeque sauce.

For those of you who wants something that is rice -like yet much healthier than rice,
there is the total carb free item newly added to the menu !
This is the Cauliflower Rice
We were amazed as in how fine the cauliflower is and tasted grain- like as well. 
It has been cut into granules and sauteed with olive oil till light and fluffy
This is a keeper for me !

Spinacas have recently partnered with Just Pick Coconut Water !
You can order it to go with your salad lunches  :)

How to order  

Choose the salads of your choice and select quatity and add it to the cart 

You will next be asked for the date of delivery , location and mobile number so to ease the delivery process

++ There is a min.$30 spending for delivery , as well as do order 48 hours in advance to make sure you get the time slot you desire++ For orders less than $30, customers can self pick up at Spinacas' kitchen located at Pearl's Hill Terrace . Do note that there is a delivery fee of $4 or $6 depending on locations for spending of $30 and above. 
 There are two lunch time slots 11am-12pm, 12pm-1pm, and one dinner time slot 5pm-6pm 

 The ordering process is quite fuss free and the forms are really easy to fill up

How to make payment

Payment can be made securely on site with credit card as well as PayPal 

All in all, you just need to fill up 3 simple pages to complete your order !
It's that easy you can sit back and wait for your lunch to be delivered
(There is also the option of ordering via Deliveroo)
 Gather a few friends or colleauges and get started now!
Have a salad party in the office just like me ! 
It's good to support local start- up and the food is good so why not try it today ! 




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