Friday, May 15, 2015

Dancing Chef ++ Curry in a Hurry ++ Promotion

Good news for you my home cooks and food enthusiast , oh and of course most importantly, you curry lovers who enjoys cooking !!

Leading brand Dancing Chef is currently having a "Curry in a Hurry" promotion recently. They offer the widest range of authentic curry flavors in Singapore,  making it so easy for home cooks to whip up a curry feast at home .

The curry pastes comes in a packet and even thought it is stated to be meant for 4 pax, you can still vary to taste and portion the paste accordingly. Cooking instructions are stated at the back of the packets ! :) So easy and convenient. 

You can also use these paste to whip up other creative dishes ! For eg, the laska paste can be used for pasta! It's really fun to try out different ways of cooking and usage of the pastes :)

Here are the ingredients for my laksa using the laksa paste :)

Cooking instructions 

Dancing Chef Laksa Paste                 1 packet
Water                                                    450g
Coconut Milk                                       200g
Thick Rice Vermicelli                          400g
Bean Sprout                                          50g
Prawns                                                  200g
Fishcake                                               200g
Tau Pok                                                100g
Laksa leaf (chopped)                           2tbsp
(Serves 4 pax )

Add Laksa paste and water in a pot, bring to boil
Put in prawns, fish cake, tua pok and coconut milk, simmer till cooked. Separately , cook rice vermicelli and bean sprout in a bowl, add prawns, fish cake and tau pok, garnish with laksa leaf, pour hot laksa gravy into the bowl and it's ready to be served!

As you can see, I have added salmon slices as one of the ingredients, so really, you can just improvise as you wish! Add an egg or two if you like! :) 

I also whipped these up on Mother's Day for my mum !!
These are really easy to cook and it's my first time trying out
Green Curry and Padang Rendang ~~

Pick up your Dancing Chef cooking pastes at all leading supermarkets now! 
Get any 3 packets for just $7.55 ! This promotion is available till end of June 2015

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