Sunday, January 04, 2015

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

Greetings you lovely people ! I sure hope there is still that one kind soul who is still reading my blog :)
Pardon my disappearance during this last one week.. I was busy bidding good bye to 2014 and rearranging some of my usual year end thoughts and setting new goals and resolutions for myself as well as for my marriage :)  2014 had indeed been yet another exciting year for me . There was the move from my mum's to staying together with husband and in laws as well. It took awhile for me to get adjusted and I am glad that my in laws are pretty easy going people, hence so far it has been smooth sailing.

There were a few episodes of mini dramas in my life this year, of which I wouldn't be going into details of. One thing though that some of you have already know, is that I have started going for food tasting and certain media events. These does not come overnight; I am glad that my perseverance on Instagram paid off. Thanks to Instagram and how much restaurants and cafes are willing to splurge on marketing, there comes this chance for us foodie instagrammers to be able to go for food related events ! Alex couldn't be happier that he gets to enjoy all the delicious food ! 

It has been quite a fruitful 2014 and I am blessed to have a lot of good friends who continued to stay by my side through out these years.  2015 has just started and I have nothing but positivity for this brand new year ! Bring it on!! :D Let's strive on together and work towards a better life and being a better person !

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