Sunday, November 30, 2014

Have a Merry Momiji Christmas

* Jingle bells , Jingle bells, Jingle all the way * Oh yes, the malls have started airing these jolly good ole christmas tunes way before you can even say Merry Christmas :)

Restaurants and cafes alike have also started rolling out their festive specials just for you foodies this December!

To usher in Christmas, Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant has not only Extended their Oyster Festival to 31st Dec 2014, they have also included a spread of goodies to add on to the extensive range of buffet items!

If you have read my earlier review of Momiji Shabu Shabu, you will find that Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant is somewhat similar in style :) This is because both comes under the Suki Group  :)

 Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant is conveniently located on the 2nd level of Revenue House and it is just a 5 mins walk from Novena MRT station .


Get to enjoy oysters cooked 7 ways!

Husband can't help but wanna dig in already!

Here's the Christmas spread that you will get to 
enjoy on top of the buffet line

An overview of all the different types of OYSTERS!
* let's hear you scream! lol! * You can eat as much as you want!

Before I bring out some of the oysters, let's see what are the other delectable items there are in the buffet line :)
I guess some of us would like some cooked food 
I know how some friends can't do without rice ..
Top: Cereal Prawns, Fried Rice
Bottom: Chili Snowcrab!!
* I went straight for the kill..seafood and oysters! *

 some selection of the sushi & chawanmushi available

How does one say no to SNOWCRAB!! 
Because I can't!! Had quite a few of these

#sweetesthusband He was the one who picked out 
all the crab meat for me.. heapful of it :D 

* I normally skip these* :P

The lure of fresh sashimi

place your order of hot pots and kushiyaki items
by hooking table number tags *found on your table*
to the side metal of desired dish
This got us hooked the whole night! 
Grilled cuttlefish with mentaiko
The chewiness of cuttlefish and bold flavors from 
the mentaiko just makes this a flawless combination

Juicy fat oysters drenched in  goma sauce ( sesame sauce )
 The ones in the background are in Japanese apple dressing 

 Mentaiko Oysters ..mentaikio overpower
any unpleasant oyster taste

Lighting at our table wasn't to our advantage  ..
This is the hot plate oysters in spaghetti sauce :)

Some other types of oysters in the line are Panko Oyster , Oyster Shabu Shabu .Oyster Lobster Mayo Yaki..some of which I may not have eaten  :)  

Surely we need some sweet bites to end the evening. There is a waffles making machine for diners to prepare their own waffles! 

All of us were really excited about this and were crowding around the machine taking turns to churn out waffles to our likening ..quite a fun experience ! oh but sure is a messy one too 

Here's one of our waffles topped with 
macadamia nut ice cream and coffee ice cream 
* from Häagen-Dazs no less !! *

If waffles are not your kind of desserts, perhaps you can have some cakes and elcairs 

Gobbled a few of these chocolate eclairs 

 Great variety for fruit lovers

It is truly an affordable buffet line to indulge in given the pricing !

Thanks to Momiji and Jaslyn for the invite :) 

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